Shiatsu Without Borders Month – June 2022

 Come and join our Shiatsu Without Borders month in June 2022!!

This year we’d want to focus on shiatsu for social change.

The world in the past two years has witnessed such stark upheavals, that seize to diminish, the war in the Ukraine being the latest collective trauma we need to face as a society. Shiatsu is such a useful tool in lending a healing hand to support individuals, structures, such as hospitals, as well as society as a whole to heal and come together. We believe that shiatsu can offer invaluable help in bridging and connecting those aspects of society that have been fractured- please see here our first collection of testimonies from across the world.

We invite you to send us your initiatives, however small or large! Even if you “just” give a shiatsu to an elderly neighbour in support (which of course is actually a huge gesture), please send us your experience ideally with a picture or a video of yourself!